English Lavender

Lavande fine

Lavender is a typical Mediterranean plant needing dry soil and an abundance of sun. It is a woody bush that grows in tufts with bluish-violet flowers.

The genus lavandula includes many species. Three of them grow in the wild: English Lavender, Common Lavender, and French Lavender.

The lavandin is a cross between English Lavender and Common Lavender and is the species that is most commonly found in gardens. It has more flowers and produces an impressive amount of nectar.

The lavandin grows in thick bushes, reaching about 50 to 70 centimetres. The abundance of flowers makes it very attractive for bees. Nectar production is greater in the morning and evening and decreases in the early afternoon. The nectar is highly concentrated (60 to 70% dry matter).

In the best of conditions, one hectare of lavandin can provide 900 kilos of honey. The flowers bloom for about a month. This period is shortened in the case of drought or high winds.

Beekeepers travel long distances to have access to this gold mine!

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