Fleur de Framboisier
Raspberry bushes are thorny, perennial brambles that produce flowers and fruits at the same time.  They can be found growing along hedges, bordering forests, embankments or hillsides, uncultivated areas, where they grow abundantly, deforested areas, and in the forest underbrush where they grow more slowly due to the lack of light.

In some parts of the Pyrenees, wild raspberries are plentiful, especially in the Madre Massif.

Raspberry flowers are a source of both pollen and nectar making them one of honeybees' favourites.  The nectar is abundant in summer, varying in general from 3 to 6 mg per flower per day. It is possible for a flower to produce up to 30 mg in a single day.  The sugar concentration ranges from 15 to 45%.

Raspberry pollen is equally abundant.  Honeybees readily collect the greyish-white balls that they carry back to the hive.

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