The Chesnut Tree

Chataignier en pleine floraison

The Chestnut Tree is a large, majestic tree with wide spreading branches.  During the months of June and July, the Chestnut Tree is in full bloom.  The flowers produce a generous amount of pollen and nectar.

Chestnut trees are prevalent in the Pyrenees, especially on the hillsides rising from valleys.  Spread from top to bottom of a hillside, the trees blossom gradually, prolonging the period of honey production.

Chestnut flowers produce more nectar when temperatures are milder.  Warmer temperatures « burn » the flowers.

Chestnut and Acacia trees are often found in the same areas.  As the Chestnut Tree blooms right after the Acacia Tree, the beehives can be left in the same location for a longer period of time.

In higher altitudes, where pink heather is found amongst the Acacia and Chestnut trees, the combination of the three honeys gives us the famous Heather honey.

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