The  Buckthorn

Fruits et fleurs de la bourdaine

The Alder Buckthorn is a tall shrub that reaches a height of 3 to 5 meters with long stems and few leaves. The bark is smooth and purplish-blue. Despite its name, it doesn’t have thorns.

Over time, cracks appear in the bark which becomes blackish and gives off a strong odour. The underlying bark is green.
The simple deciduous leaves are elliptical and smooth. The veins are prominent on the under side and parallel.
The small, whitish-green flowers are grouped by five at the base of the branches.

The bloom after the leaves and last for several months. The calyx has 5 petals. The five stamen are connected to each other and to the calyx.

The Alder Buckthorn is known to be high honey-producing bush.

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