Committed to staying true to our deepest convictions, we have a great respect for nature, bees and their honey.

  • Our bees eat their own honey.
  • We do not treat our bees with antibiotics.
  • We do not use chemical repellents while harvesting the honey.
  • Our honey is cold-extracted and cold-conditioned and never mixed.
  • Our honeys crystallise naturally.  We use a mechanical mixing process to make them creamy.
    Bio references to honey are very contreversées, bees do not care about labels and go where they want, when they want!

    We strive to place our hives away from farming areas, far from the vineyards, away from farms stations
    Our Pyrenees mountains we still offer large spaces preserved for bees.

    Modern agriculture is a disaster for the environment, loss of bees that we deplore in all regions of the world are mainly due to pesticides. Beekeepers are constantly struggling against the giants of agrochemicals but it is a little history of honey pot against the iron pot.

More information about honey and its benefit

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