Tree Heath

massif de bruyere blanche

Tree Heath is found in the Mediterranean area, especially in southern France.

It is a specific type of heather that grows in deep, airy, acidic, siliceous soils. It’s rarely found at an altitude of more than 600 meters.

Tree Heath is a woody bush with tight branches and persistent leaves growing to a height of 3 meters. Tree Heath begins to bloom at the end of March or in early April immediately giving off its strong caramel fragrance.

The flowers resemble small bells with joined petals with four lobes on the end. Tree Heath is usually white and sometimes light purple or pink. The flowers are grouped together in tight clusters which can make them difficult to access for honeybees. The calyx and corolla persist for a long time after the flowers bloom.

Blooming early in the spring, Tree Heath pollen plays an important role in the start of a new harvest for honeybees. The higher the humidity, the better the production. It seems that Tree Heath closer to the Mediterranean Sea produces more nectar.

Oddly enough, we’ve observed that good Rosemary Honey production alternates with good Tree Heath Honey production.

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